The excellence of the culinary tradition directly on today’s tables

Our tradition goes back to distant memories, to our childhood in the countryside located next to Treviso, in the town of Nervesa della Battaglia, where in 1953 a small “colonial” store of good, genuine and fresh products was born, run by grandma Lia.
She taught her son Giorgio her passion for food and authenticity. In 1975 Giorgio Marian started the new business by distributing fresh food, offering quality, quick service and on time deliveries.

It all started from there, from that domestic place, rich in culinary knowledge, which today still offers food that tastes good, cooked according to the classic method that recalls the taste of past cooking methods.
These features have been strengthen over the years up to the birth of A.M.M.53,  the 5,000-square-meter company with two production sites, run by Andrea and Matteo, the 3rd generation, who still respect their the family tradition by
studying and developing healthy products trying to meet the needs of modern live routine.

Thanks to us, today many “modern” families can continue to consume fresh food, high quality cuisine and pastry,
bringing in their tables the taste of the typical Italian tradition; acronym of excellence throughout the world.